Gifting Ideas For Your 10 Year Wedding Anniversary!

1. 10 years of marriage: 10 years of marital life marks an important turning point in a couple’s life. You have managed to overcome the first years of life together and to seal your love permanently.

After 10 years, this anniversary is symbolised by tin. This correspondence is directly related to the composition of this white-grey metal. Indeed, tin is a solid material, but also malleable, which means that after ten years of marriage, the couple is strong and resistant. It is considered that once past this course, the couple will be strong enough to face the next 10 years that will follow. Plus, tin is a material that sometimes has the reputation of bringing good luck. So, it’s the perfect charm to ensure that your happy marriage continues for decades to come!

2. How to celebrate 10 years of marriage: There are many options for celebrating your tin anniversary. Some couples prefer to celebrate their anniversary just the two of them, while others like to share this moment with their family and friends.

In the first case, you can go for dinner in the restaurant of your dreams or go on a weekend away somewhere. Romantic break or adventurous getaway, it’s up to you, according to your tastes and desires.

Another idea would be to undertake an adventurous activity together, for example a parachute jump or a ride through the air in a hot air balloon ride.

In the second case, if you like to party and share happy moments with your loved ones, organize an event to celebrate your ten years of marriage!

3. Gift ideas for your 10th wedding anniversary: Oh My Mag will help you find the perfect gift to celebrate your first decade of marriage.

To keep to the theme of tin, you can give your partner an object composed of this material, such as a tree with photos, a vase, a tin rose, a set of tumblers… the options are endless!


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Another gift which is sure to please every time is jewellery. You could go for a pair of earrings, a pendant or a necklace.

Crystal and Glass

The 10th wedding anniversary is known as the crystal or glass anniversary. Though this idea usually pertains to gifts it can also be used in your celebration. Consider hosting your anniversary party in a glass room. Examples would be restaurants with large, panoramic windows, garden club greenhouse patios, and conservatories. Use glass tables and glass or crystal place settings to further enhance the transparency effect.

Visiting the Past

For a more intimate 10th wedding anniversary celebration, consider recreating one of the special days in your relationship such as your first date, honeymoon, or the day that you became engaged. Though you may remember what happened on that day, recreating it can cause you to remember the day in more detail and to re-experience your relationship when it was still new.

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