vanilla slice

Vanilla Slice

We’re paying tribute to one of New Zealand’s signature desserts: the Vanilla Slice. It’s made up of a layer of vanilla bean-speckled pastry cream sandwiched between crunchy layers of puff pastry. If you ask us, it’s no wonder the vanilla slice is one of New Zealand’s most beloved sweets. Our take wouldn’t be complete without […]

Logan the Golden Dog with his box of PetArmor Plus.

Chicken and Cheese Dog Treats

Your dog will go nuts for these homemade Chicken and Cheese Dog Treats! They’re made with delicious ingredients like ground chicken, mozzarella cheese, and flaxseed. It’s an easy dog treat recipe to show you love them just as using PetArmor Plus to protect them from fleas and ticks will help you do the same. It never […]

No-Boil Macaroni and Cheese


No Boil Homemade Macaroni and Cheese! The easiest, creamiest homemade macaroni and cheese ever. No boiling the noodles first and it is made all in one pan! NO-BOIL HOMEMADE MACARONI AND CHEESE Is there anything more comforting than mac and cheese? I have been making this recipe for years now and it is one of […]

Cannoli Sheet Cake

Cannoli Sheet Cake

Embedded with dark chocolate chunks and topped with an ethereal ricotta icing, this sheet cake is a delicate, soft take on the crunchy Italian classic. Save Recipe Print Cannoli Sheet Cake   Makes 1 (13×9-inch) cake Ingredients 1¾ cups (385 grams) firmly packed light brown sugar ¾ cup (170 grams) unsalted butter, melted 3 large […]

Beginners Baking Tips

The first key is to gain a basic understanding of what you are looking to make such as ingredients, and the baking process. Read the recipe thoroughly before turning on the oven. Make sure you understand the process and ingredients involved in what you are looking to make. It will not be enough to simply […]

A slice of Orange Creamsicle Dream Bars on a plate with a fork.

Orange Creamsicle Dream Bars

Orange Creamsicle Dream Bars – the perfect NO BAKE refreshing summer dessert! Everyone’s taste buds will love the sugar cone crust, cheesecake layer, and orange cream topping. It will take you back to the days of buying an Orange Creamsicle off the ice cream truck. The Orange Creamsicle was and still is one of my […]

This Halloween inspired cake is sure to bring out your arachnophobia!

Spider Cake

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to come up with some treats that fit the occasion. Well, spiders seem to be a popular Halloween decoration, either hanging from the ceiling, set somewhere to scare me, or as decoration! Well, my favorite is designing them on this Spider Cake! Another favorite Halloween treat that […]

Best Baking Tips for Cakes

Many of us are familiar with the disappointment of spending time measuring, mixing, and baking, only to have a cake fail to rise in the middle or stick to the pan and crumble. Luckily, there are a few baking tips to ensure your cakes come out light, fluffy, and delicious every time. Whether you enjoy baking cakes […]

Baking Essentials For Beginners!

So where does one start? I’ve rounded up some of the most essential tools for a beginner (or any baker) to have in their arsenal. WHERE I BUY MY BAKING ESSENTIALS: Amazon: Like a lot of people, the Amazon obsession is real. I’ve gotten the majority of my baking essentials off of Amazon and have […]