Best Ways To Create Memorable Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

Here’s what you could besides flowers and continue to be thoughtful and create a magical anniversary they couldn’t dream of:

1.Recreate Your First Date

Remember the first hug outside that soulful cafe that made you both fall for each other after the first date. Take them to that sweet spot where the journey of ‘us’ began. To add more spice, you can just give them clues about where you taking them and watch them beam with happiness as they find themselves dining again in that same cafe.

2. Plan A Candle-Lit Dinner At Patio

We understand if you’re working on your anniversary day. But like mentioned, it’s about making an extra effort on your special day. Go home when you’re done and just before they arrive too, how about you light up their face with mouth-watering appetizers and book anniversary cakes online for dessert time.

3. Sign Up And Start Salsa Dancing Class

Marriage comes with lots of responsibilities where you need to prioritize love along with work and all you are left is some time which goes away taking care of home chores. Here’s something new you need to start on this date and that’s giving your partner and yourself some bonding time. How about Salsa? A new year with some new indulgence.

4. Bury Love letters In A Box

Modern time has taken away the charm of hand-written love letters and love scrolls. Pen down your thoughts, memories and those moments you never talked about and let them know how much you adore their presence. Make anniversary more fun, hide these in a box and sow it in the backyard. Sit back and watch them dig some love.

5. Tour To A Local Art Gallery

Art involves the depiction of love and life in diverse ways. In such ways, you and your partner could never think of. Take them on a tour to a gallery that’s showing off some local and well-known artists. A simple way to talk and see some love!

6. A Sweet Delivery

This is situation 2 where you are again not together just like in point 2. Don’t let the day go just by wishing them on a video call. Surprise them by sending cakes online brimming with their favorite flavors hand-delivered on their desk and remind them how much you miss them!

7. Book A Trip To A Loveland

How about a surprise getaway to a place you both had been wishing to go since long. Just when they sleep, pack the luggage and make all the preparations. As soon as they open their eyes, ask them if they wish to devour pizza in an Italian place somewhere in Rome? You can see their eyes all wide-open and watch them glow with happiness.

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