Baking Tips For The Best Cupcakes!

Baking dates back to our ancestors and no one doesn’t like the taste of a freshly baked bread or cookies. Many have now come up with the concept of baking chicken and turkey too. Well, it does take time and patience to get good at baking, but it won’t take very long to master the skills. And baking is also a great way to bond with family and friends. Just to perk you up here are a few tips to bake the best cupcakes in your microwave oven. Check out best brand of microwave oven in india.


Follow the Recipe

Many times we tend to substitute the ingredients for what is mentioned in the recipe. For example, not adding eggs, using liquid sweetener instead of sugar, baking soda for powder, all-purpose flour instead of cake flour, not using whole eggs and sometimes not using eggs at all. Substituting ingredients are not recommended unless it is recipe mentions it. This will ruin your cupcakes, time, effort and money as well. Thus stick to the recipe the first time and then you can improvise.

Ingredients at room temperature

In baking, you will be using some ingredients at room temperature and the reason is legitimate and scientific. Thus it the recipes states room temperature, do use them only at room temperature. Check out best brand of microwave oven in india.

Over – mixing and Under- mixing

As you mix all the ingredients the batter for the cupcake must be mixed just right. i.e. just until the wet and dry ingredients combine well. Over mixing can result in tough texture and increase gluten development. Just mix until there are no pockets in the flour and the lumps. And yes, undermixing won’t combine the ingredients well.

Choose high-quality liners

Choosing good quality cupcake liners may seem not very important, but yeah! It is a big deal. The high-quality liners will prevent sticking of the cake and oozing out grease. So go for quality cupcake liners that are marked grease-proof.


Filling the cupcakes pans rightly

This is a crucial step that will either give you the best or the worst cupcakes. Because the cakes may rise after baked, thus take note of the amount that needs to be filled. For reducing risk, you could always go with filling 2/3 or 3 tablespoons.

With the above tips, also note to always use an oven thermometer as the micro oven may not be right in indicating temperatures unless they are brand new. And wait for the baked treats to cool them before starting the party. Check out best brand of microwave oven in india.